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We started thinking about doing memorial folders in color with colored photos of the deceased, in 1995 when I was working in a funeral home in Portland, Oregon, but wasn't exactly sure how I would, or could do them. With the help of a funeral director friend, who thought it was a good idea and something he thought the families would like, I decided to give it a try.

In 1997 we decided that I would set up the folder as a "master", and then find someone who could copy as many as we needed for each service. We tried several of the local copier services before we found one that cared enough to do the kind of professional job we expected. To some, just getting the text and photo centered on the page, seemed to be a real chore. We did find a company that would do the quality of work we were looking for, but there were still limitations. The down side of having someone else do the bulk of the work was not having control over the finished product, being limited on the kind of paper used, being at the mercy of their schedule. That's when we decided I would set them up myself and print them directly from the computer. This way I could have complete control of the finished product, and I could also use a heaver linen textured paper. Plus, printing each folder rather than copying them, gives you a much higher quality product.

If you would like to see a sample or have questions or comments, please contact us via email.

Thank you,
Lloyd Adams