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  The Folders

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     The standard size for a Memorial Folder (Fig. 1) is 4¼ x 5½. The large size folder (Fig. 2) is 5½ x 8½. The size normally is determined by the amount of information you want to include, although you may select either size as long as the text and photos will fit in the space.
Fig 1    Fig 2
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        Anything within reason, can be used in the Memorial Folder. Normally a photo will be on the front alone, or with the name and/or dates (Fig. 3–1). A verse, prayer, obituary, etc. usually will be on the inside left page (Fig. 3–2). The service information will be on the inside right page
(Fig. 3–3), and any additional text can be included on the back (Fig. 3–4).
     This is normally the way it is setup, but you can set it up any way you would like...  more than one photo or no photo, personal family poems or sayings or goodbyes. Do it the way you want it done. Make it personal to you and your family.
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Fig 3-1                Fig 3-2                Fig 3-3               Fig 3-4
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   The standard fonts

   The standard fonts we use for the folders are Bernhard Modern, University Ornate, New Berolina, Georgia, Verdana and Palace Script. If you have a specific font you want to use, send us the name of the font and a sample, and we will do our best to duplicate it.

font styles
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  Font Color

     Any font color can be used as long as there is enough contrast to make it readable. Black is the standard color but if there is text on the front with a photo, we try to match the font color with the photo.

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   The paper used for the Memorial Folder is a heavy weight (65 lb cover), with linen pattern in an off white color. Because the white areas of a photograph do not print, but take on the color of the paper, anything other than white or off white paper would distort the color of the finished photograph. The folders are "printed" rather than copied so you get much better color on the finished folder.
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     We can use colored backgrounds (see Fig 4), or we have some standard scenic backgrounds depicting different sports and hobbies or mountain, ocean and beach scenes. We normally use backgrounds behind the verse/prayer (see Fig 5) or service information text, if you want to use them, or you may use the backgrounds by themselves without any text at all. We will try to accommodate any ideas you might have for backgrounds or any other "non-standard" items.

For a few additional samples, click here.
Fig 4                   Fig 5
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  The Photos

     The better the photo quality, the better the end product. Professionally done photos are usually the best, but most snapshots are also acceptable. We will do the very best we can to make sure the finished product is the best it can be. For more information on photos see The Photo